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Fund Foundation

Friends of the University of Notre Dame, Inc. (FUND) continues to find creative ways to partner with Notre Dame student-athletes, while delivering on our mission. We believe now is the time to Rally. This is the name of our campaign, which begins in the fall of 2023.  

Why Rally? Rally is the first word in the first verse of Notre Dame's beloved victory march. During times throughout Notre Dame's history, including recently during COVID-19, Notre Dame students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends have found ways to  Rally. And at FUND, as we aspire to enable Notre Dame student-athletes to reach their potential, teams to compete for championships and all of us to help improve the community in South Bend, we believe now is again time to Rally.

Why the four-leaf clover on the logo? Well, those of you familiar with this great University will know that above the East side door of the Basilica of the Sacred Heart, facing the Golden Dome, you'll see the words: "God, Country Notre Dame". The three leaves of the clover are a tribute to those words and what they mean to so many students, alumni, faculty, staff and fans. And for this design we added a fourth to represent the Notre Dame student-athletes.  
During this campaign, we will be raising money, strengthening partnerships and expanding the work we do with Notre Dame student-athletes throughout the South Bend community and beyond.

So you may see our logo for this campaign on this website, on some merchandise and maybe even in a few places around campus. When you do, we hope you too will be inspired to Rally... and support Notre Dame student-athletes and the entire university community.  

Stay tuned for more information about how you can help Notre Dame student-athletes and all of us Rally.


Friends of the University of Notre Dame Inc ("FUND") is a nonprofit that uses the Name, Image and Likeness of University of Notre Dame student-athletes to help promote charitable organizations that they are passionate about. 
University of Notre Dame student-athletes will support nonprofits to help fulfill their charitable missions by doing philanthropic work in the community in a variety of different capacities. The student-athlete will receive a stipend and the charity that they are an ambassador for will receive a financial donation.

How it Works

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Better Together

The loyalty of Notre Dame's nationwide fanbase is powerful. We can do more to support our student-athletes. Consider making a contribution to the FUND Foundation. Your donations directly benefit Notre Dame student-athletes who are making a difference in our community.

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  • Is FUND affiliated with the University of Notre Dame?
    No, the FUND is not affiliated with the university in any way. It is a third party created to work with Notre Dame student-athletes. The university is prohibited by state law from arranging third-party compensation for student-athletes as it relates to NIL contracts.
  • Is FUND a registered nonprofit?
  • What sports does the FUND Foundation support?
    FUND supports student-athletes in all varsity sports at the University of Notre Dame.
  • What are student-athletes doing in the community?
    Once a student-athlete is selected and approved by FUND, they will choose a charity to support. Student-athletes are provided various opportunities to make a difference such as attending fundraising events, social media campaigns, volunteering at charity sites, and more.
  • What charities does FUND work with?
    It is important to us that our student-athletes connect with charities that they are passionate about. FUND will research and approve 501c3 nonprofit organizations on a rolling basis.
  • I am a nonprofit. How can we be considered as an option?
    Send us a message here (
  • Can I select what sport my contributions support?
    Yes, anyone donating to the FUND can denote what sport and their respective student-athletes contributions will be earmarked for. Supporters can also contact us directly to set up activations with their favorite student-athlete(s).
  • Are all student athlete opportunities the same?
    No, contracts vary based on the specific athlete and the requirements of the contributor and/or activation. Each deal is individually negotiated and agreed upon by the student-athletes. That being said, the FUND seeks to provide equal opportunities for both male and female student-athletes.
  • Are Contracts with Student Athletes Exclusive?
    No, contracts are not exclusive. We want all Notre Dame student-athletes to thrive under NIL and take advantage of every opportunity that comes their way.
  • What type of NIL opportunities does the FUND help activate?
    The FUND offers Notre Dame student-athletes near limitless opportunities to engage in NIL activations, including: autograph signings, social media promotions, camps and clinics, charity events, special appearances, product reviews, commercials, NFTs, and more. The types of opportunities student-athletes engage in are determined by contributors and our board of directors and advisors.
  • What happens if an athlete transfers or leaves Notre Dame?
    Contracts are limited in time and scope to provide protection for contributor funds in situations where a student-athlete transfers.
  • Are there any limitations on NIL deals?
    Student-athletes CANNOT enter into deals that promote alcohol, drugs, pharmaceuticals, political advertising, pornography, gambling or betting, or other opportunities that go against the University of Notre Dame values. Additionally, there must be quid-pro-quo between the athlete and an individual or business. The FUND seeks to create a wide range of NIL opportunities for student-athletes that help them grow as young men and women.

Let's Talk

Do you have a question for the FUND Foundation? Then please reach out, we would love to hear from you.

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